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A weekly podcast just for you!

I noticed a few years back that there are ZERO podcasts focuses solely on Ancient Mesoamerica and the people living there.

Isn’t that a little strange? I thought so too.
So I decided to create a podcast where I could share my research and interview other Mesoamericanist scholars about what they’re working on, so that the public had a way to access that information easily.

Mesoamerican Studies On-Air is a weekly podcast for people like you, who are passionate about Mesoamerica. If you want to hear real research from the people who have dedicated their life’s work to studying this region, subscribe today!


All of the information provided in our courses, blog posts and podcasts has been researched by archaeologists, art historians, linguists and more. It’s not your cousin Andy’s conspiracy theories about aliens.

There’s a lot of mistaken information out there about these cultures that takes away from the beauty and wonder that is inspired by what they left behind. At Mesoamerican Studies Online, I believe in sharing the most accurate information possible.

Most importantly, I believe in saying “we don’t know” when we really don’t know.


Let’s face it, when you’re packing for a relaxing trip to Cancun, you’re thinking about your swimsuit, sunglasses, a nice outfit for those evenings out and maybe your hammock. You’re not going to pack that 700-page book on the ancient Maya like I did. Or, maybe you have tried that and you’ve realized that it just doesn’t work.

Mesoamerican Studies Online provides all-digital, all-portable content that can go with you on your trip, without taking up any additional space in your suitcase. From online courses to eBooks to travel guides, you can take it all with you without having to leave an extra pair of shoes at home.

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