Mesoamerican Studies On-Air: Episode 21

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021. Recent Research in Ancient Maya History with Dimitris Markianos and Marie Botzet

In this episode I interview Dimitris Markianos and Marie Botzet, who together run the Instagram account Ancient Maya History. We discuss their individual research projects as well as the public engagement work they undertake via their Instagram account.

Marie Botzet did her Bachelors in Anthropology of the Americas and Philosophy in Bonn and Paris, and is currently doing her Master’s in Anthropology of the Americas, also in Bonn. She currently works as a research assistant in the Textdatabase and Dictionary of Classic Mayan Project. In this episode, we discuss her research on the “inverted vase” glyph

Dimitris Markianos studied archaeology at University College London, and just completed his masters at the University of Bonn where he studied Anthropology of the Americas. He has participated in excavation projects and has briefly worked at the Textdatabase and Dictionary of Classic Mayan Project as a research assistant. In this episode, we discuss his recent thesis focused on the famous Maya “Star War” glyph.


The Star War Glyph from Tortuguero Monument 6.
Inverted Vase Title, Naranjo Stela 24.


Ancient Maya History Instagram Account

Textdatabase and Dictionary of Classic Mayan Project

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