Mesoamerican Studies On-Air: Episode 32

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032. Examining the Late Classic-Postclassic Transition at Etlatongo, Oaxaca with Cuauhtémoc Vidal Guzmán

Cuauhtémoc Vidal Guzmán is currently a PhD candidate at the George Washington University. He studied his BA in anthropology at the University at Albany-SUNY. Then, he studied his MA, also in anthropology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He has participated in archaeological projects in the Mexican states of Yucatan, Chiapas, Tlaxcala, Veracruz, and Oaxaca. His current dissertation research studies the Late Classic Postclassic transition at Etlatongo, a site in the Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca. His interests gravitate around Indigenous persistence, participatory research, new materialism, and social memory. 


To learn more about the work Cuauhtémoc is doing at Etlatongo, click here.

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