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Are you ready to become an expert on Mesoamerica? Want to know the real truth behind the cultures responsible for such amazing art and architecture?

I have created multiple courses in both English and Spanish for students just like you, who want to learn from the history of chocolate to how to truly experience a huge site like Teotihuacan without missing any important details!

The following sections link to different online courses that I offer for students and travelers. They are perfect for that traveler who wants to brush up on a site before visiting, or for a student who wants to learn more and doesn’t have any courses available nearby.


Maya Hieroglyphic Writing: Foundational Level

This foundation-level course provides you with the background you need to translate captions in ancient Maya hieroglyphic script. You will learn tips and tricks for mastering the days of the Maya calendar system and the most common glyphs in inscriptions.
Teotihuacan Free Online mini course, insight of the archaeology and art history of ancient Teotihuacan, as well as an introduction to Mesoamerican cosmology and belief systems.
Teotihuacan: Where Men Become Gods
Are you planning a trip to Teotihuacan in the future? Just curious about this great city’s history? Based on accurate and up-to-date information about Teotihuacan, this mini course will satisfy your curiosity and take you from a “typical tourist” to a conscious visitor, educated and aware of the Mesoamerican worldview. I will also train you to “read” Teotihuacan’s architecture so that you can understand what they were trying to communicate about their worldviews.
[Haz clic aquí para el curso en español]
Chocolate in Ancient Mesoamerica is a course about the history of kakaw or cacao in the ancient Americas. It covers what the Maya and Aztec thought of the importance of cacao, how it was prepared and what different varieties of cacao existed. It also talks about how it was viewed in society.
Chocolate in Ancient Mesoamerica: The Complete History of Cacao, from Bean to Beverage

For the true lovers of knowledge and chocolate, this course details the use and value of cacao in ancient Mesoamerica. I will provide you with concrete knowledge of the process of cacao production in ancient times, as well as an understanding of its importance in elite Mesoamerican culture and its role in expansion and trade. You will feel more informed, smarter, and appreciative of local and organic trade. Best of all, you will be an expert in this aspect of Mesoamerican history.
[COMING SOON] Maya Hieroglyphic Writing: Intermediate Level

In this continuation of the Maya Hieroglyphic Writing series, you will learn how to read monumental inscriptions. You will master strategies to help you parse any ancient Maya script into manageable, decipherable pieces.
Experience Teotihuacan: The Definitive 3-Step Guide to Understanding Teotihuacan
Based on the Teotihuacan mini course, this course provides the full immersion experience into the art, architecture and culture of Teotihuacan. We expand on principles mentioned in the mini course, and introduce more aspects of the city that we didn’t have time to cover in the mini course. Perfect for anyone who wants a tour guide experience prior to visiting the site.

Beginner’s Guide to Maya Hieroglyphics: Learn 5 Common Phrases in 5 Days

[Free Introductory Workshop]
This course is designed to take you from novice to beginning Maya scribe in less than five days. Click the image to gain access to a free introductory course on how to write your name and birthday in Maya hieroglyphics!

Not ready for the online course? Check out my weekly podcast, Mesoamerican Studies On-Air, where I interview archaeologists, epigraphers, and art historians about recent research in Mesoamerican Studies!

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